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The fifth medical residents from Hasanuddin University have arrived

On 16th August 2023, we welcomed four medical residents from Hasanuddin University in Indonesia, who have come to Japan to obtain their cardiovascular physician licenses.

They stay here from August 16th to September 29th.

(This marks the fifth time that we have accepted residents in the field of cardiovascular internal medicine.)

From left to right in the photo:

Jordy Liong (Dr. Jordy)

Lilycia Elisabeth Limbong (Dr. Cia)

Ricky Kuniawan Pratama (Dr. Ricky)

Rheza Rivaldi Salam (Dr. Rheza)

They will be studying the healthcare system in Japan and Kaikoukai with the support and cooperation of the stuff in all the facilities of Kaikoukai Group including Cardiovascular Medicine.

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