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The Webinar for the Recruitment of the 3rd Specified Skilled Workers in Banjarmasin City

On Thursday, March 7th, a webinar was held in Banjarmasin, Indonesia regarding the recruitment of the 3rd specified skilled workers.

In this webinar, Mr. Kazuhide Kumazawa, Assistant General Manager of Overseas Human Resource Development Department explained the situation in Japan and the contents of this program.

As the representative of 1st specified skilled workers, Mr. Muhammad Rizani of Meiko Kyoritsu Clinic and Ms. Nurul Fitriyah of Ama Kyoritsu Clinic talked about how to feel working in Japan and how to overcome language and cultural barriers based on their own experiences.

This webinar attracted about 100 participants in Banjarmasin, and it was found that many people were interested in this program.

We will continue to support those who are going to work in Japan.

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