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International Caregiver Academy Lecture③ (Exchange Meeting on October 13)

From today, October 16, we give lectures for specified skilled workers about welfare equipment used in medical and nursing care site.

They had training of assistant according to our instructions, so that they can immediately understand which part of the wheelchair it was when they heard the name of each part of the wheelchair.

The instructor also carefully explained dangers that can occur during caregiving, why and how they are dangerous and how to prevent them, with his experiences at Home Care Division.

In the afternoon, lectures are held in small groups, divided into groups of each facility they will work.

We will give lectures that are more specific to each facility they will work, and they learn the image of working and what is expected to occur while actually working. We continue to help them prepare for the work at each facility with peace of mind.

Two weeks have already passed since the start of this curriculum, and they have learned a lot.

Therefore, we held exchange meeting for one and a half hours at Rifnes Kaikou in last Friday evening, as reviews and change of pace.

They told us their impressions of lectures held for two weeks and their gratitude for the kindness of many people in Japanese. Though they seem to be still anxious and nervous, however, they are getting used to living in Japan step by step, and that reduce their anxiety and nervous little by little.

In addition, Dr. Edy who had come from Indonesia from October 1st, also participated in the meeting and they could spend time with a person from the same country.

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