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International Caregiver Academy Lecture②

Continuing from last week, we give lectures for Indonesian specified skilled workers at the academy. As they get used to lectures at academy and life in Japan, they show various expressions and personalities.

Lectures start with radio calisthenics every day and it is a part of daily study routine.

At first, they were awkward and worried about the movement, but they got used to radio calisthenics and everyone was able to do it smoothly after a week.

Though they already had general knowledge, we explained the basics of Japanese and how to write Japanese letters again.

As an example, some of them write “ツ” and “シ” (Japanese katakana “tsu” and “shi”) that are difficult to distinguish. So, we told them that they may not correctly convey the information and misunderstanding will occur in some cases if they do not write in a way that distinguishes them clearly. And then we encouraged further learning.

In addition, there are many words, such as foreign words and abbreviations, that cannot be learned in textbooks, in daily Japanese conversation, so they enjoyed learning them while looking at photos.

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