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[Video] Interview with Mayor of Banjarmasin

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

March 14, 2023 (Tuesday) After the conclusion of the MOU, we had an interview with Banjarmasin Mayor Ibnu Sina Panderi about his visit to Kaikokai Group and the future cooperative relationship.

1. The Kaikoukai Group is actively involved in international exchange. Mr. Mayor, was there anything that left an impression on you when you visited the Kaikoukai Group?

First of all, on behalf of the Banjarmasin Municipal Government, I would like to thank Kaikokai Group for providing the opportunity for the Specified Skilled Worker candidate from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan Province to work in Japan. I think this cooperation is a symbiotic, reciprocal cooperation. I was allowed to tour the facilities of Kaikokai, and one of them is "Group Home Josai". During the tour, I was able to directly see that they were very polite when treating patients. I think Kaikokai is a great group. Therefore, cooperating with Kaikokai is a very good option and the right decision.

2. Mr. Mayor, are there any initiatives that left a particularly strong impression on you, regarding the collaboration between the Kaikoukai Group and Banjarmasin City in the field of nursing care?

Currently, after the corona crisis, I think that the citizens of Indonesia and the citizens of Japan have become more aware that health is very important all over the world. Currently, there is a high demand in Japan for care workers who take care of the elderly, but I heard that there are not enough human resources. Conversely, in the Indonesian city of Banjarmasin, there are about 1,000 nursing graduates each year. Because there is no place to work, only 10% of about 1,000 people can work. Through this cooperation, we can meet the needs of Kaikokai and the needs of Banjarmasin Municipal Government. After that, we have to open up the language barrier. Therefore, currently, The candidates are working on Japanese language learning and nursing care technology learning at the training center. Now the program is not only aimed at citizens of Banjarmasin city, but also invites citizens of South Kalimantan province in a broader sense.

3. Mr. Mayor, please tell us your thoughts on the skills and future growth that the city of Banjarmasin is looking for in Specified Skilled Workers.

I really appreciate the candidate’s efforts. Although Japan is very far from Banjarmasin city, they are willing to work in Japan and are currently studying Japanese. There are many international classrooms in South Kalimantan Province, but most of them are English classrooms or Arabic classrooms. The places where you can study Japanese are very limited, there are only about one or two. I would like to tell everyone not to waste the opportunity to study at the Training Center as there are limited places to study. be enthusiastic and do your best. Effort will always lead to results. We at Banjarmasin City Government are here to support you. If you work in Japan, protect the honor of Banjarmasin City and Indonesia. Acquire skills and knowledge while you are in Japan. Also, Indonesian culture and Japanese culture are different, so please study Japanese culture and work styles. However, working hard, working with integrity, and working professionally are universal values ​​that we all share, so there is no need to feel inferior.

4. Lastly, as the city of Banjarmasin is collaborating with Japan, please tell us what you expect from the Kaikokai Group and what you would like to work on now.

I look forward to continuing this cooperation in the future. Cooperation stopped for a while during the pandemic, but it started again. This cooperation is a great opportunity, and I hope that after the 1st Specified Skilled Worker candidates leave for Japan, the 2nd and 3rd rounds will continue. We expect that this opportunity will also become a new hope for the graduates of the university in Banjarmasin City. I desire that it will lead to cooperation not only for nursing faculty graduates, but also for wider work opportunities. Thank you again to everyone at the Kaikokai. thank you. I wish that the citizens of Banjarmasin as well as the people of Indonesia will have more opportunities to work, and that this cooperative relationship will proceed smoothly.

                          The above is the full interview with Mr. Ibnu Sina Panderi, Mayor of Banjarmasin City.

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