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Students from Medical School of Hasanuddin University Visiting Clean Center

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

At 2:00pm on February 8th (Wednesday), 10 medical students from Indonesian National Hasanuddin University and the staff from our Overseas Human Resources Development Department visited Hachiho Clean Center. The purpose of this visit was for them to learn about the connections among Japanese culture, environment, and social regions, which is one of the aims of us accepting students.

Photo: Shows the platform dumping garbage into the "garbage pit", where garbage is temporarily stored

They learned about things such as equipment structure, sorting, and the flow of collection through videos. Then they observed how combustible waste is actually collected and how the weight is measured. By looking at models and equipment damaged by fire, they learned that ignition troubles have been increasing in recent years, which might be caused by the mechanism of the crusher or the incorporation of burnable substances [containing devices with rechargeable batteries] in garbage bags.

After the tour, they asked various questions such as "How long it takes to burn up all the collected garbage," or "if it’s possible for garbage that generates harmful substances to enter the garbage pit”.

They got polite answers from the person who guided us, and it seemed that they all got a firm understanding.

Photo: Mr. Yabiku (Overseas Human Resource Development Department) listening to the questions from students in English

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