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Signing a memorandum of understanding on international medical cooperation with Banjarmasin

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

March 14, 2023 (Tuesday) INDONESIA BANJARMASIN CITY and KAIKOKAI GROUP held a signing ceremony for the "Memorandum of Understanding on International Medical Cooperation".This is the renewal of the first memorandum signed in February 2020.

The contents of this memorandum are mainly the following three points.

① Understanding of building mutual cooperation for developing and improving knowledge and skills and utilizing human resources in the medical field.

② Development and improvement of medical services at medical facilities owned by Banjarmasin City

③ Improve the skills of medical personnel in Banjarmasin and utilize them in Japan as nursing care workers.

A total of 16 people visited Japan this time, including the Mayor of Banjarmasin, the First Assistant Mayor, the Director of the Labor Department, the Director of the Health Department, and the University President.

On the day before the signing ceremony, they toured the facilities of the KAIKOKAI GROUP. All the facilities were visited with great interest, and they were impressed with the Japanese medical care.In particular, questions were concentrated on dialysis medical care and nursing care facilities, indicating a high level of interest.

We hope that the conclusion of this memorandum will improve the medical standards in BANJARMASIN and further develop the overseas business of the KAIKOUKAI GROUP.

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