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Opening Ceremony of International Caregiver Academy

Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 9:20 am, opening ceremony of International Caregiver Academy was held.

Assistant General Manager, Kumazawa, delivered opening speech to 16 specified skilled workers at the opening ceremony. The representative of 16 specified skilled workers conveyed loudly their enthusiasm for the future.

After the speech, we presented polo shirts made by International Division. The Chinese character “翔”(pronunciation: shou) is written on the back and it means “flying high in the sky”. Assistant General Manager, Kumazawa, expressed his hope that they spread their wings and fly into society by making progress through the various experiences that they can gain in working at Kaikoukai and then he explained it was the reason that we made the polo shirts.

In addition, seniors of each facility where they will work also joined the ceremony and they could greet with their seniors of each facility.

After greetings, everyone said, “I was very nervous, but seniors spoke to me kindly, so I could listen and greet with peace of mind.”

For the next month, they learn about rules of living in Japan, as well as medical policies and philosophies of Kaikoukai and they work at each facility. We made educational program so that they who came from Indonesia can cultivate not only knowledge, information and common sense of Japan, but also the necessary skills for working in Japan.

We also accept visit of other companies and some hospitals have already visited. Specified skilled workers have training from 9:30 to 16:45 and we would appreciate it if staff of Kaikoukai Group could visit.

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