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Online Japanese cafe has started!

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

On January 23rd(Monday), a Japanese language learning (Japanese cafe) was opened where the specified skilled people(TOKUTEIGINOU) candidates in Banjarmasin can speak via online and improve their abilities of the Japanese language.

This initiative aims to help 25 candidates who are studying Japanese at the specific skill training center in Banjarmasin so they could be able to communicate properly in Japanese with their coworkers. If so, they can quickly adapt to life after arriving in Japan.

We hope that with these lessons the students could engage more in Japanese conversations.

Although it is currently in a trial period, each staff member from the Overseas Human Resources and International Medical Business Department are assigned to deal with two to three participants.The staff members that participated, were impressed by the enthusiastic and positive attitude of the candidates.

They are confident that the participants can improve their Japanese skills.

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