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Interview with three doctors from , a national university in Indonesia just before leaving Japan

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We interviewed three residents of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Hasanuddin University who left for Indonesia on March 31. We will publish the interview at that time.

It is a very interesting for us as a Japanese to see how Japan looked from their perspective. Please take a look at interviews.


How was Japan? Not only for the program in this training but also you can talk like your stay. How was your stay?

Very wonderful for me. I came to Japan for learning and training and that was one of my bucket list. Now that I came here, I can reach one of them. Japan is one of my favorite country in Asia. In 2017 I’ve already come here for vacation. This time is my second time here. It is a precious experience for me. I have changed my opinion about Japan now that I am living in Japan for a month and a half. I know how to live in Japan by myself. I know more about the culture, the daily life of Japanese people, little things that I didn’t notice when I came here for holidays. How the Japanese people working, managing, every single detail for instance how to transport here. The transportation system in Japan is very wonderful and manageable.

I learned about the workaholic. It is a good thing also. We can say that in Indonesia, we as a doctors, residents we tend to work also holydays. But in Japan there is a balance when to work and when no. But when the Japanese works they do with a lot of passion. There is balance in Japan about the private life and work life. It’s a good thing and good way. It was very interested and very new for me.


How was Japan? Not only for the program in this training but also you can talk like your stay. How was your stay?

Well, first, during my first trip here is, I guess I already fell in love with japan for the first time. So, it’s like love at the first sight. So, Japan and Japanese have treated me very wonderfully, very well. So, yeah, for the first time I came here, I already got a very wonderful experience and a wonderful, um, how to say, I got a very wonderful experience and it really impressed me, so I think I really hope to come here for another chance.

Thankfully, this program has allowed me to come here for the second time. And it is not only like for a holiday, or for a short stay, but instead, they gave me a chance to learn directly from, how to work here actually, how to work and how to learn, so both at the same time.

So, the wonderful thing about Japan is I guess everything is wonderful, not only its circumstances, its conditions, but it also gave me another wide opening experience to, toward my career pattern in the future. So, yes, that’s the impressive thing is, there are many.

I think the first one is they are very obedient. The Japanese are really paying attention to every rule they made, it’s very different from our country.

It’s really amazing that they actually follow the rules, not everyone including our country, is actually obeying rules, that’s from our perspective, I guess.

The second one is everyone, everything is really managed well. The best they could. So, they will give you the best they got. That’s the second one.

Um, the third one is, Japanese are really, how to say, they are really polite. and they are very kind, they are very open to helping us. Yeah, during my first trip, I’ve got a lot of problems, I guess.

I think that’s because our differences, you know, our culture, but thankfully, every person, every Japanese person that I met is really trying their test to help me even though there’s a language barrier and there is a cultural barrier, they try as much as possible to let us, or to make us handle the problems in any kind of circumstance we face. That is so, so impressive things.

And the fourth one, I guess the transportation is really easy, everything is arranged really well, it is so very easily managed, so we are not, it’s not really hard because everything got an explanation, even a foreigner is going to find it really helpful.

So, yes, it is I think that is one of the things that made us think that Japan is actually one of the choices that we could take for learning, working either way, or just for holiday, so I think this is actually a chance for thinking, that probably I would take another step in the future into Japan, whether it is to tight my fellowships, or taking my next degree, my PhD or something,

that’s probably one of my considerations to set everything into the next step, yeah, I think Japan is on my list.


How was Japan? Not only for the program in this training but also you can talk like your stay. How was your stay?

This is my first time I have come to Japan.

I was also excited to come here. Because it is an amazing country so clean.

I was so amazed. It is different from my country.

The system is so tidy. Every time I was crawling Nagoya, the people were kind to us.

The people helped us. It was a great experience. Because this is the first time I came here.

Japan is wonderful.

What was the most impressive point in japan? What was the most interesting point in japan?

The most interesting point in japan is discipline. The people are obedient.

In another country is totally different. In my country too.

That is the first important thing I see in here.

The other interesting thing I see is the people work so hard.

I think is a good point. Is a good thing because

I see that they can manage their lives. They can manage their everyday lives.

They know how to balance their lives. The rest time is important.

They gave very positive feedback, such as how glad they were to come to Japan and how kind the people in Nagoya city were, by experiencing Japanese culture and convenience of transportation in Japan, people’s daily life and so on, including training at Kaikoukai Healthcare Group.

In the future, we will accept residents and students from various fields.

We will keep trying to do our best for better acceptance while referring to these feedbacks.

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