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First Specified Skilled Workers has been Improving Japanese Skills through the Wednesday Training!!

First specified skilled workers started working at each assigned facility on November 1st,2023. In order to quickly understand their problems, stress, confusion and anxiety that tend to occur in the early stages of employment, and to respond and solve them at an early stage, we set up Wednesday training (the day back to academy) every Wednesday for three months after start of employment, and we meet every week to learn Japanese and hear about the completion status. Thanks to the co-operations of their co-worker, their shift is coordinated, and the whole group supports them.

Wednesday Training in November

On November 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th,2023, they learned basic Japanese. The numbers that are often considered to be easy (year, month, day, time, etc.) are easy to make mistakes, so they checked again. Moreover, they learned the important postpositional particles in Japanese by dividing them into groups, and worked on practice questions such as reading, speaking, listening to speak in natural Japanese when checking answers after the test. It seems that “dementia” has become more familiar to them since they actually work and Mr. Kumazawa, Assistant General Manager, of Overseas Human Resources Development Department, gave a lecture on dementia for about two hours after their assignment.

Wednesday Training in December

On December 6th, 13rd, 20th, 27th,2023, we set the goal of training “to pass the N3 level of Japanese exam” and they started to learn Japanese for N3 which is one step more difficult than N4. N4 level is understanding basic Japanese and N3 level is being able to understand Japanese used in daily life to some extent. They said that it was very difficult, however, we could see them learning earnestly. In addition to the need to improve the level of grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening etc., they found that they have to learn Chinese characters. Therefore, we creatively and originally conduct Wednesday training to teach Japanese seriously.

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