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<Artificial Carbonated Baths Experience>

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Last weekend, visitors from West Sulawesi, Indonesia experienced at Kaikoukai Wellness Center.

It was very well received, and they said, “Foot artificial carbonated baths relieved my tired legs, and I feel good.” after the experience.

We will translate their thoughts and introduce them.

<Mr. Muhammad Idris Pagunung (Secretary of West Sulawesi)>

After the experience, my legs feel very good.

I bought a carbonated spring generator(Sparkling nano 1300), so I want to use it at home as soon as possible.

<Mr. Andi Farid Amri (Director of Labor Bureau of Mamuju City)>

My legs had felt heavy, however, the baths relieved my tired legs.

<Mr. Junda Maulana Arsja (Development Planning Agency Staff)> 

The baths relieved my tired legs, so I can go shopping again.

I would like to visit Mr. Idris’s house regularly to use this artificial carbonated baths.

<Mr. Zulkifli (Chief, Official Administration of West Sulawesi Province)>

My legs feel very good. Thank you.

<Mr. Muhammad Ikram Ulman Idris (Staff Exclusive to Secretary of West Sulawesi)>

I experienced carbonated baths for the first time, and I was surprised at how red my feet were after the experience.

I will be walking a lot tomorrow, so I am glad that it relieved my tired legs.

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