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2023 Kaikoukai Healthcare Group Year-End Party

Updated: Apr 25

The members of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group gathered together and held a wonderful year-end party in a warm atmosphere. The first specified skilled workers from Indonesia participate this party first time.

At Nagoya Tokyu Hotel, the achievements and gratitude of this year were shared and the performance by Mr. Zhang Bin, an erhu performer who was invited as a guest, was particularly impressive.

Mr. Zhang Bin performed three songs, and one of them was “Bengawan Solo”

*Bengawan Solo: “Solo river” flowing through central Java in Japanese.

Speeches from Mr. Hirohisa Kawahara, chairperson of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group and other members passionately emphasized the outstanding achievements of the group and the sense of unity among the members. Prospects for future were also shared and the unity of Kaikoukai was strengthened in a calm atmosphere.

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