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The Public Relations Magazine for Foreign Staff.

From Japan to the World
【​From Japan to the World】

We have started publishing the public relations magazine for foreign staff working at each facility in our group in addition to magazines already published in Kaikoukai Healthcare Group.

We interview each foreign staff to introduce how foreign staff works to other staff in the whole group.

We will try to publish the magazine once a month so that foreign staff who is not very good at Japanese can get information about many kinds of Kaikoukai’s efforts through the translation.

Latest Issue

We published on 1 Mar,2024.


Cover for Vol.27

vol13 kaikoukainews.jpg

We introduce Kaikoukai’s news every month.

vol13 Hatsumode.jpg

We publish the various articles to introduce Japan every month!

Introduction of Kaikoukai’s News

Introduction of Japan

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