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On Friday, April 26, 2024, at 6:00 p.m., an exchange meeting with foreign national staff was held at the Academy.

With more than 40 participants, this was an exchange event on the scale of nearly half of the KAIKOUKAI Group's foreign employees.

The staff members who have been working in Japan for two to three years arrived early and were helping with the meeting preparation.

The way they helped us outside of their work, seemed to be proof that they had learned to take the initiative from their work experience in the nursing and caregiving field and from the guidance of their colleagues and supervisors.

For the Specified Skilled worker (ⅰ) from Banjarmasin City,

Six months have passed since the start of work, and the atmosphere seems to have changed from when they first arrived in Japan.

The way they conversed naturally and happily with the staff of the International Medical Division showed that they were gradually getting used to Japan and Japanese people.

At the party, we prepared fried chicken, takoyaki, yakisoba, etc. using ingredients that are thoroughly exempted from halal prohibited ingredients, so we were worried about whether the food would be delicious or not, but we heard voices of deliciousness from every table, and the food was eaten surprisingly quickly.

The staff of the International Medical Division, who set up and prepared the event, were very pleased with the results.

I am convinced that the community among the Kaikoukai Healthcare Group's foreign nationality employees has been strengthened and broadened by the opportunity to meet with employees who usually work at different facilities.

They could also interact with employees of different nationalities whom they met for the first time.

I am convinced that this is the result of the good guidance they receive on a daily basis from the staff, management, and those in charge.

We would like to thank each of our facilities for their cooperation and support.

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