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Acceptance of foreign staff

technical intern trainees EPA “Tokutei Gino Seido” (Specified Skilled Worker) Others

​Kaikoukai Healthcare Group accepts many foreign staff based on the various programs.

On this page, we introduce foreign staff working and learning at our group’s hospitals and nursing care facilities.

​We accept foreign staff from wide variety of countries based on other programs.

Number of foreign staff

You can view the countries where the foreign staff working at Kaikoukai Healthcare Group came from and the number of them in each country.






















Interview of Technical Intern Trainees


Working at Small-scale Multifunction In-home Care Nozomi of Kaikoukai

Yayuk Ajeng Tresna

​Nickname : Yayuk

Nationality: Indonesia

​Hobby: Watching Japanese and Korean TV series

I had been looking forward to seeing the Japanese landscape.

Before I came to Japan, I had seen scenery of four seasons in Japan in the media and thought that it was a very beautiful country.


I was deeply impressed with beautiful cherry blossom in Spring which I saw for the first time in Japan.

About snow in winter, I have seen snowing where I live now but have not seen the snow-covered landscape, so I am looking forward to seeing the snowscape on the travel with my friends very much.


On a day off, I go out with them for shopping and so on.

It is really fun to meet my friends, however, I find that it is also fun to watch Japanese and Korean TV series alone at home nowadays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, when COVID-19 situation settles down , I am going to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Shirakawa-go where I have always wanted to go.

I also like cooking and sometimes give cookies I made at home to the staff at my workplace. I am glad that they really enjoy it.


I am going to make it for them again.


Working at Private Nursing Home with Care Nozomi of Kaikoukai

Rossya Khoerusyifa

​Nickname: Rossya

Nationality: Indonesia

​Hobby: Listening to the music

I like Japan so much!
​But I have one thing that I do not like very much…

As well as scenery, I had an impression that Japan was clean because there was no trash on the road before I came to Japan.


I think that Japan is wonderful country than I had imaged because both the towns and the roads are clean and, moreover, many people are punctual and kind.

I think IC card is very convenient and easy to use a public transportation in Japan since we don’t have a system like that in Tasikmalaya city I came from.


But I have one thing that I do not like very much in Japan.

That is coldness in winter. It was in February, the coldest season in Japan, when I arrived in and I was surprised at coldness very much after getting out from the airport.

I like summer season in Japan since I am used to hot weather.


On a day off, I talk with my family through the phone and make sweets.

I have made a cake with Yayuk-san who is living with me.

I have given it to the staff at my workplace. I was very glad since they said that it was delicious.


My goal in future is to pass “kaigo hukushishi shiken” (national examination for care worker) and to work using skills we learn as the technical intern trainees.


“Tokutei Gino Seido” (Specified Skilled Worker)


Working at Elderly Health Care Facility Kaikou of Kaikoukai


​Nickname: Mega

Nationality: Indonesia

​Hobby: Cooking

​Special ability: Running fast

How is the atmosphere of your working place?

I can work at ease because I think that the attendance management of the day off and the overtime work is organized well at Kaikoukai Healthcare Group than the working places I had worked.

Since the staff help me when I can’t finish my work, I come to think that I also want to help them when they were in need, too.

Japanese staff are really kind so that I can work harder with them for the users.


I like care-work and am interested in caring for people. I think that I am good at both the toileting assistance and changing diaper , and I am proud to say that I can do them quickly.

They say “You can do quickly. It’s amazing.”

​I will continue to try to make the effort for “kaigo hukushishi shiken” (national examination for care worker) in the next year to be a good care worker for the users and coworkers.

I am happy to work at Kaikoukai Healthcare Group!

We make daily reports and documents by hand.

Since I can learn Japanese through writing, I like this environment like that.

I am happy with the working environment and can enhance study motivation at Kaikoukai because I had wanted to learn the work which was new experience for me to assist users receiving dialysis care.

I think it was the right choice for me to determine to work at Kaikoukai.

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Working and Learning Scenery

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