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Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital after starting operations (February 1979)


About Kaikoukai Healthcare Group

Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital was established in February 1979 after a preparatory period of over a year.


In addition to dialysis treatment, the hospital also providedit also offered internal medicine and pediatrics departments, with 20 hospitalization beds and 21 dialysis beds.

The hospital had around 40 staff at the time.

In February 1982, three years later, Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital received permission to incorporate and became “Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation.”

The corporate name “Kaikoukai” in Japanese kanji characters means “all staff striving for an ideal while working hard together.”

Present Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital (September 2022)

Kaikoukai Healthcare Group Philosophy

1.We aim for comprehensive medical care.

2.We aim to provide medical care that is truly in the best interests of patients.

3.We aim to run an operation that provides an optimal working environment for        medical practitioners.

Medical Policies of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group

1.Provide comprehensive medical care. With dialysis care, general medical care, and elderly care as our three main pillars of the present, we will provide “comprehensive medical care” that encompasses health care, preventive medicine, measures for pre-symptomatic stage of diseases, treatment, and rehabilitation.

2.Establish an ample financial base. In order to secure ample profits, we will constantly work to enhance productivity and eliminate unnecessary expenditures for efficient and rational business operations. Profits ensure the survival of our corporation into the future and enable us to conduct our business activities and also serve as the living and employment cost of our employees for the present and into the future. To this end, whenever the opportunity arises, we will invest in medicine as well as surrounding businesses and research areas.

3.Patients are our clients. Mutual trust is an important factor in client relationships, and we must depart from the traditional patient to medical practitioner relationship to respond attentively and provide sufficient services. Medical institutions need to have an awareness of the fact that their revenue comes through their clients.

4.Enhancement of employee training and education to enable the mastery of techniques and knowledge as well as overall judgment is critical. In addition, individual employees must constantly strive to think creatively, asking not what the corporation can do for the employees. By doing so, we can protect the organization from falling into the traps of bureaucracy and conservatism, enabling medical management with a constantly enterprising sprit.

5.Although we emphasize team medicine, it must be competitive team medicine build on a friendly rivalry and based on the high capabilities of individual employees.

6.Team and individual evaluations will always be performance-based according to the results achieved, and we will eliminate considerations based on solely on seniority or egalitarianism. We will also actively promote bold human resource and personnel appointments.

7.Constantly research medical policies to determine and anticipate their direction. Research the latest medical techniques and actively acquire information to enable the use of new medical techniques and the construction of systems.

​8.Build a close network with medical schools, medical institutions, and other organizations that are in line with our aims, and work to expand this network.



February  Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital established


August   Ama Kyoritsu Clinic established


January   Komagane Kyoritsu Clinic established

February  Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation established


February  Shizuoka Kyoritsu Clinic established


June  Nakatsugawa Kyoritsu Clinic Healthcare Corporation established

July   Nakatsugawa Kyoritsu Clinic established


April      Elderly Health Care Facility Care Support Shinchaya established

December Anjo Kyoritsu Clinic established


March    Kaikoukai Shizuoka Healthcare Corporation established

April     Kaikoukai Nagano Healthcare Corporation established


August   Kaikoukai Central Clinic established


April     Home-visit Nursing Station Noritake established
             Care Plan Center Kyoritsu established


March      Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation established

November    Nagoya PET Imaging Center established


February    Home-visit Nursing Station Kyoritsu established

June       Hekikai Kyoritsu Clinic established
               Johoku Kyoritsu Clinic established

September  Kaikoukai Rehabilitation Hospital established


May       Elderly Health Care Facility Kaikou established


February    Kaishoukai Healthcare Foundation established

March      Toyota Kyoritsu Clinic established

November   Handa Kyoritsu Clinic established
               Kakegawa Kyoritsu Clinic established


October    Meiko Kyoritsu Clinic established


November  Jinsaikai Healthcare Corporation Toshima Chuo Hospital joins Kaikoukai Healthcare Group


January      East Nagoya Imaging Diagnosis Center established

April       Change in corporate name from Nakatsugawa Kyoritsu Clinic Healthcare

               Corporation to Kaikoukai Gifu Healthcare Corporation


February     Seto Kyoritsu Clinic established


March       Kaikoukai Mie Healthcare Corporation established

April      Change in corporate name from Kaishoukai Healthcare Foundation to Kaihoukai Healthcare Foundation

June         Saitama Honoka Clinic established
                 Kuwana Kyoritsu Clinic established


February     Jinsaikai Healthcare Corporation merged with Kaikoukai Shizuoka Healthcare Corporation

April        Kaikoukai Josai Hospital established (received Nagoya Municipal Josai Hospital from Nagoya City)
Change in corporate name from Jinsaikai Healthcare Corporation to Kaishoukai Healthcare Corporation

October     Private Nursing Home with Care Nozomi and Small-scale Multifunction Welfare Facility Nozomi established


January      Elderly Dementia Patient Group Home Chikusa and Small-scale Multifunction In-home Nursing Care Chikusa established

August       Care Plan Center Sakura established


September    PT. KAIKOUKAI INDONESIA establishedChange in facility name from Home-visit Nursing Station Noritake to Home-visit Nursing Station Josai


April         Care Plan Center Meiko established

July         Nagoya Radiological Diagnosis Foundation merged with Kaihoukai Healthcare Foundation


April        Care Plan Center Chikusa established

October     Elderly Dementia Patient Group Home Josai and Small-scale Multifunction welfare Facility Josai established

November   Small-scale Multifunction In-home Nursing Care Kawasemi established


April       Care Plan Center Kaikou established
               Care Plan Center Nakagawa established


July        Muroukai Healthcare Corporation (Sanarudai Asahi Clinic and Takaokakita Asahi Clinic) joins Kaikoukai Healthcare Group


April       Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation merged with Kaikoukai Mie Healthcare Corporation


June        Josui Kyoritsu Clinic established

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