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Efforts of Kaikoukai Group into Indonesia

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We had opened this website to promote the mutual understanding between Japanese staff and foreign staff by announcing Kaikoukai’ activities with Indonesia to many Indonesian people including our group staff.

Graduated in 2019Faculty of Cultural Sciences,

Japanese Literature Department Hasanuddin University

The member of Overseas Human Resource Development Department

Corporate Head Office, Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation

Fatiha (photo to the left)

Mustika (photo to the middle)

Hasriani (photo to the right)

Efforts to Indonesia


Foreign technical intern trainees

Kaikoukai Healthcare Group accepts the technical intern trainees for nurse and nursing care.You can view how the technical intern trainees working at each facility in our group on the website.

Mutual understanding

Our Indonesian staff teach the Japanese staff the Indonesian language.

Seminars to the university

Some staff of The staff of Kaikoukai Healthcare Group wereis appointed as the guest lecturers of the a national university and they hold some seminars to teach the students the Kaikoukai’s knowledge and the technology of Kaikoukai Group through communicating with each other.


EPA nurse trainees
EPA nursing care worker trainees

We accept foreign staff as nurse and nursing care worker trainees in Japan based on Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

We are preparing interviews of EPA trainees now.


Specified Skilled Worker systemProgram

The number of the foreign staff as thespecified skilled worker in Kaikoukai Healthcare Group hasd been increasing. They told us their work place and daily worksdetails of the work.

Supplementary Educationteaching aidmaterial for learning Japanese

We made the supplementary teaching aid to assist foreign staff in learning Japanese.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries about thethis website through the form below.

Thank you!

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