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Bahasa Indonesia Class

First Step for Mutual Understanding

Conducting Bahasa Indonesia Class

We have been deepening the international exchange between Indonesia and Japan through medical and nursing care technology in Kaikoukai Healthcare Group. Currently over 50 foreign staff works using Japanese which is thought to be one of the most difficult languages to learn.From 2021, we had opened the Indonesian class so that the foreign staff who keeps making efforts in the foreign country and Japanese staff can understand each other as much as possible.


Realization of Difficulty of Learning Foreign Language

Taking Certification Examination

It is the goal to pass the Indonesian certification examination E-level (simple daily conversation level) held twice a year.

The first class on a trial basis was held for 2 months, and 13 staffs having a close relation to operations in Indonesia attended that for the examination held on July.

The second class was held on every Monday for 4 months, and 8 staffs continued to learn to pass the examination held on January.

True Understanding of Foreign Staff by Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes.

Understanding of Indonesian Staff

Many participants realized that they had to work hard to learn the basic foreign language through attending the Indonesian class and taking the examination.

Executives of facilities accepting foreign staff came to think anxieties foreign staff have and supports they need on daily work by putting themselves in foreign staff’s shoes since they understood the difficulty in learning foreign language.


Examination Results

The number of the successful candidate has been increasing after the examination held on July 2021. Moreover, two special lecturers at the university in Indonesia attended the class and passed the examination.

Impression of Participants for Class


After I learn to speak, I find it fun to have a conversation in Indonesian with students!

Now, I conduct the course on nursing care as a special lecturer at Hasanuddin University.

I was looking forward to communicating with students using words I learned. This was why I was very motivated to learn Indonesian.

When I started the lecture, it was very difficult to understand Indonesian other than simple greetings and I relied on the interpreter, however, I came to understand what they were speaking little by little and be able to talk to them.

Chieko Kawai

Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation


To better understanding each other with students through the lecture.

I thought that I strongly needed to learn Indonesian since I held the seminar and the lecture at the local government and the university in Indonesia.

Indonesian staff who taught us in the class were kind enough so that I could learn smoothly and pass the examination.

I am going to keep leaning Indonesian and want to use it at the seminar and the lecture in the future.

Yoshifumi Moriyama

Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation

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