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Hello everyone!

We, the Indonesian staffs of Kaikoukai are here to support you!

Graduated in 2019 Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Japanese Literature Department Hasanuddin University

The member of Overseas Human Resource Development Department Corporate Head Office, Kaikoukai Healthcare Corporation







We are working to connect Indonesia and Japan.

Currently, Kaikoukai provides the lecture of nursing care and exercise therapy in Indonesia and the workshop for Indonesian medical students and doctors.

We are also involved in many activities such as co-hosting with local government in Indonesia to provide health guidance to citizens.

In these activities, interpretation during meeting and event, and translation of documents are required.

So, we translate Japanese document into Indonesian and Indonesian contract into Japanese.

In addition, we make supplementary teaching aid for learning Japanese, so that the staff of Indonesian nationals working at Kaikoukai can fit into the workplace earlier, and be able to have a fulfilling life. We also make the Indonesian documents so that they can easily understand the rule and information of the corporation.

​We have been interpreting and translating to connect you (Indonesia) and Kaikoukai (Japan).

Creating what we wish we had.

We really get used to the life in Japan now and be able to engage in various works.

However, we had many anxieties and worries such as “What should we do if we could not understand Japanese?” and “Could we work without understanding Japanese well enough?”

We have tried hard to support you, so that you can work without any anxiety and worry which we felt.

There are over 50 foreign staffs at Kaikoukai Healthcare Group.

The Indonesian staff members other than us are working at Kaikoukai Healthcare Group.

​We will continue to do our best to make sure that they can work without any problems.

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